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Mark Ham interviews Dr Tony Smithyman, CEO of Cellabs Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.













We Support


In 2008, Cellabs supported the following ventures:


Cellabs is currently supporting the Endangered Species of Malawi Circle in their efforts to preserve the African black rhino.

The black rhino is still classed as a critically endangered species, and face increaing threats of poaching and civil unrest.


It was estimated in 2007 that there are only 4,180 black rhinos still living in the wild.


















In 2005, Cellabs supported local Aussies Chris Bray and Clark Carter as they ventured unsupported across Victoria Island in the High Arctic.


Planning for the trip began in May with the expedition beginning in July. Cellabs was kept informed of the progress of the adventurers through their Expedition Updates. These updates were composed on their sub-notebook computer, which is powered by solar panels, then sent using a new type of computer software, over a satellite mobile phone.

Upon the completion of the expedition, Chris and Clark returned to Australia and have since completed several successful lectures for Australian Geographic.


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Chris and Clark in the High Arctic dragging their home-made sleds