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Research & Development


Cellabs is currently working on a number of Research and Development projects which include new products for:            


Malaria                          West Nile                  Chikungunya. 

                                                T.cruzi                            Filariasis                   Dengue


A long-established developer and producer of in-vitro diagnostic kits for infectious diseases, Cellabs is proficient at designing and developing novel immunodiagnostics under contract for third party Australian and overseas customers. We have a proven track record in developing ELISA or IFA assays for the key areas of interest. Our key areas of interest include emerging and infectious diseases as well as a special interest in neglected tropical diseases.


We are happy to assist you with any contract research or collaboration. Please contact us for further information.

•    Project planning in consultation with client and proposal submission
•    Ratification of Research Agreement
•    Sourcing of all essential assay components
•    Development of prototype assay
•    Testing of prototype assay against qualified specimens
•    Product stability and performance testing
•    Production method development (as per GMP & ISO 13485) and scale up
•    Documentation for regulatory registration
•    OEM production supply – if required – in component parts or whole kits


Please refer to the Catalogue page for information on the available "Research Use Only" products.